Many must realize how important proper waste disposal is to our quality of life in the modern world. However, Americans spend more than $490 million annually on dumpster rental services. This industry has enough demand to employ over 5,800 people!

One of the most challenging problems to solve when undertaking large projects at home or at work is what to do with all the waste. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, installing a new roof, or demolishing an old deck, you will need to find a way to dispose of your trash properly.

The best dumpster rentals are just a phone call away, which is good news. You can choose a size that works for your project. They will bring the dumpster to you and pick it up when you are finished.

The only question is how to select a company to rent a dumpster from. There are probably several to choose from, no matter where you live.

We’re here to help you. Read on to find out the seven most important qualities to look for when renting a dumpster.

1. Timely Pickup And Delivery

Whether you require a residential dumpster rental for your home or a construction dumpster rental for your business, delivery and pickup on time are essential.

As a homeowner, you probably only have time to work on your renovation project on the weekends and evenings. Even a slight delay in getting your dumpster could cost you.

When your project is finished, you don’t want a large metal bin of trash sitting on your property. The best dumpster rental services will pick up your dumpster on time and remove it from your property. This is also important for business owners who want to provide the best environment for their customers and clients. 

2. Size Variety

Size matters when it comes to residential and construction dumpster rentals. For large projects, you’ll need a large enough dumpster to eliminate all your waste, debris, and materials. For smaller residential projects, you need to be able to choose a smaller size. You may be limited in available space depending on where you live. Parking a large dumpster on your property might be out of the question.

As a result, our dumpster company offers customers a variety of dumpster sizes. We have ten and 20-cubic-yard dumpsters available for smaller projects. We provide 30 and 40-cubic-yard dumpster rentals for larger projects.

3. Pricing

As a homeowner, you already have to pay your mortgage, utilities, home insurance, and property taxes. You don’t have to blow your renovation budget on a highly-priced dumpster.

So, if you want to know how to choose a dumpster rental, it may come down to choosing the most affordable one. Get quotes from local rental companies by contacting them. Include important details such as:

  • The dumpster size needed
  • How long do you need it
  • Where do you need it to be delivered
  • What you’ll be throwing in the dumpster

Rental companies may have additional questions. They should, however, provide you with a free estimate.

We believe that when renting a dumpster, you should dump your trash rather than your money. That is why we provide the best dumpster rentals in the area at the most affordable prices. 

4. Location

The further a dumpster rental company has to travel to drop off and pick up your rental, the higher your costs will be. Also, if something goes wrong or is left out of communication, it will take longer to remediate the problem.

So, when you look for a “dumpster rental near me,” ensure it’s easy to get to from where you live. This is also important if your plans change for some reason.

For instance, if you fill up your dumpster faster than you thought. Your project could produce more waste than you anticipated.

In this case, you’ll need it to be emptied and brought back before you can continue working. A nearby dumpster rental service will be able to pick up the slack, allowing you to continue working.

In this case, you’ll need it to be emptied and brought back before you can continue working. A nearby dumpster rental service will be able to pick up the slack, allowing you to continue working.

5. Positive Customer Reviews

The reviews of the best dumpster rental companies speak for themselves. If you want to rent a dumpster near you, you can look online for companies in your area. Then, go to their websites and social media pages to see what other people have said about them.

Find out what other people who have used the services have to say about them. Were the delivery and pickup of the dumpster on time? Was the company that rented the dumpster helpful and friendly?

If you can’t find any reviews on their website, search on Google for the company name and “reviews.” You can also ask the company if they have any references.

6. Quality Customer Service and Communication Skills

When working on a major project at your home or business, you should work with companies who make your life easier rather than more difficult. As a result, when renting a dumpster, go with a company that prioritizes customer service. Their ultimate goal should be to ensure that you are pleased with their services.

This includes having exceptional communication skills. They need to work with you to ensure your needs are met, your questions are answered, and your delivery and pickup go smoothly.

The response time is also important. If you can’t reach them immediately, they should get back to you as soon as possible.

7. Environmental Responsibility

Lastly, the best dumpster rental companies prioritize responsible waste disposal. Oil, gasoline, pesticides, and petroleum cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. The rental company should provide a list of prohibited items.

In addition, the dumpster rental company must take steps to reduce waste. For example, research shows that the United States produces nearly 300 million tons of waste yearly.

To help protect the environment, we recycle as much of the waste we dispose of as possible at our Jersey Village, TX, dumpster rental company. If you hire us to get rid of your waste, you can be sure and not feel bad about it.


Is a Dumpster Rental Permit Required?

Depending on your local municipal laws and the type of project, you may or may not need a dumpster permit. No permits are required if the dumpster can be parked in your driveway or private property. If the rental container obstructs someone else’s property, you may need to obtain the homeowners’ permission first.

In some cases, you can park a 10-yard dumpster on the street without a permit. But you may need a permit for bigger dumpsters, especially construction projects. If you are unsure whether you need a permit, contact your city government or HOA.

If you get stuck at any point in getting a permit, you can call our customer service team for advice and help.

What Kinds of Dumpsters Are on the Market?

Depending on the purpose for which you want to rent a container, there are three main types:

1. Residential Dumpsters

You can rent a residential dumpster if you are moving and need to get rid of your trash, clean out your garage, or need help cleaning up after water or fire damage to your home.

2. Construction Dumpsters

These containers are excellent for contractors because they are designed to remove construction debris. So, if you are in charge of a demolition project, doing a lot of work in the front of a store, or setting up new construction, these dumpsters are a great way to get rid of trash from a construction site.

3. Roll Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters with a large rear gate make waste disposal easy. They are available in various sizes, making them suitable for small and large projects. Our roll-off dumpsters are incredibly versatile and will meet your needs, from DIY projects to landscaping.

Looking for the Best Dumpster Rental Service in Jersey Village, Texas?

If you have a large project coming up and know you’ll need waste removal assistance, we’re here to help. We guarantee on-time dumpster delivery and pickup and offer a variety of dumpster sizes.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best dumpster rental at the best price in Jersey Village, Texas. Contact us today for a free estimate on your dumpster rental needs.

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