Temporary Dumpster Service

A temporary dumpster rental can be something that all of us require from time to time. A yard clean up to a full house clearance can all be made far easier with an established waste disposal facility. Constantly loading up the family vehicle for endless trips to the recycling point can be very annoying, as well as time consuming. A cheap dumpster rental for the weekend can make life a lot easier, and save you valuable time. We offer a full range of dumpster sizes, from a trash bin rental, mini dumpster, or even a 40 yard dumpster, and all are available on a temporary basis. One day, one week or longer, it’s entirely your choice.

Event Planning and Waste Disposal

As all event planners know a large public gathering brings with it a large amount of trash and garbage. All of which needs to be removed in an efficient way. We can supply your venue with a number of mini dumpsters for your clients own use, or a large dumpster rental for behind the scenes. A weekend rock festival, to a quaint country fair, all will need a waste disposal provision available. Houston Dumpster Rental Company can provide you with cheap dumpsters in time for your opening, and remove them as soon as your event has finished. If you have an upcoming event planned be sure to call us to discuss your needs, we will be happy to provide you with the cheapest dumpster rental cost that you will find anywhere in Houston, or indeed Texas!

House Clearances

Following the eviction of a tenant or the unfortunate death of a relative, a house clearance will often be required. This can be a quick process of just a few hours, or could take several days. Our dumpster service can provide you with a cheap dumpster rental for however long you need it. Your dumpster rental will be placed in the best position to the property to make your house clearance as easy as possible, once completed we will collect your trash container and remove all traces of the disposed items.

Temporary Dumpster Service for Seasonal Commercial Operations

You won’t have to pay for the services of an electrician for installation since the process requires no wiring. And not only is the installation of a solar attic fan cheap, but the device will also continue to run at zero cost. It will run on energy harnessed from the sun, so it won’t be connected to your electricity supply. This self-sufficiency will help you save a significant sum of money monthly. Finally, by installing an environmentally friendly solar attic fan, you make yourself eligible for a tax break. You will get to keep your home cool and save money at the same time.

Property Maintenance

A building renovation such as a replacement roof can create a lot of debris, all off which will need to be removed. A temporary dumpster during this work will be the perfect choice to deal with this. All off the waste products can be placed into our dumpster, and we will then take it away and dispose of it. All of our dumpster rental prices are designed to support the local businesses of Houston, Texas. Call us today for your free quote.



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